Make Candy-filled Easter Eggs using Crayola Play Sand!

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Spring has sprung! Color up your plastic Easter eggs this holiday with Crayola Play Sand! It's an awesome alternative to traditional egg dye that is less of a mess but all the more color!

The 'sweetest' part is that you can fill it with your kids favorite candy! (We always recommend placing wrapped/sealed candy inside no matter how you choose to decorate your eggs).

Below are the step-by-step instructions to the colorful DIY straight from the Crayola Play Sand Lab. 

Keep reading to learn how to decorate your own!



Here are some of the items you'll need:

  • Plastic white Easter eggs (Find these at your local craft store)
  • 1 8 oz. jar of Mod Podge, or any type of kid-safe liquid glue
  • At least 1 bag of Crayola Play Sand- Any color! Select multiple colors for an even cooler looking design! (Click here to find it at a store near you!)
  • 1 Cup per color of Crayola Play Sand
  • Large Paper clips (1 for each egg you intend to make)
  • Medium Paint Brush
  • Bowls
  • Glitter
  • Candy! (Wrapped candy preferred)
  • Straw grass & Basket (optional)
  • 1 styrofoam block
Purple Crayola Play Sand

Purple Crayola Play Sand

Pink Crayola Play Sand

Pink Crayola Play Sand



For starters, lets create a simple way to hold the eggs while you paint, sand and set them to dry. We do this by unfolding a large paperclip and leaving it in the shape of a candy cane (like below).


Next, break apart a plastic egg, hold the bottom half of the egg (or the side with the 2 holes in it) and slide the paperclip through both holes as pictured below. Then add the other half of the egg by sliding it up the bottom end of the paper clip.

Snap the eggs together and you're done! You now have an easy, less messy and more fun way to decorate your eggs. Let the fun begin!


First, pour Crayola Play Sand (and even glitter if you like sparkle) into a bowl, mix the materials together, and set it to the side.


Holding the egg by the paper clip handle, use a brush to paint Mod Podge or liquid glue onto your egg with swift strokes until the egg is covered specifically where you'd like to add your play sand and glitter. You can do spots, stripes or the entire egg!


Next, grab your bowl of Crayola Play Sand and/or glitter mix and begin carefully sprinkling it along the areas you applied glue to using a spoon. Don't be afraid to shake on alot if you're going for a strong pop of color! 


Place the egg in the styrofoam block and Let dry for about half an hour.


Once the eggs are dry, you can fill them with your favorite wrapped candy and you're done!

Easter 2018 blog final.jpg

We chose to do a complete Easter Basket!


We hope you have a blast decorating your eggs this Spring time!

Be sure to come back again for more amazing projects and DIYs from the Crayola Play Sand Lab!

Create a Colorful Easter Bouquet with Crayola Play Sand and Marshmallow PEEPS®!


Color up this Easter Holiday with a fun and quirky bouquet using Crayola Play Sand and Marshmallow PEEPS®! Peeps are one of the first treats that come to mind when you think of Easter, so It's only fitting to create a floral bouquet full of them hopping around on 'grass' using green Crayola Play Sand!

This easy DIY is fun and safe for parents and kids. It can also be the beautiful focal point for Easter Sunday dinner or a colorful accent for kid photos!  Continue reading below for instructions...




Here are the items you will need:

  • 1 One clear vase from your local craft store  (you can select your desired shape/size. The bigger the vase, the more PEEPS and colorful play sand!)
  • 1 bag of green Crayola Play Sand. (Click here to find it at a store near you!)
  • 1 styrofoam block (make sure it fits in the vase!)
  • Your choice of Marshmallow PEEPS!
  • 1 glue gun
  • 1 pair of wire cutters (not pictured)
  • 1 cup, scooper or hand shovel
  • Your choice of silk flowers 



1. Warm up your glue gun and add an appropriate amount of glue to the styrofoam block and immediately press it downward into the bottom of the base. Allow a few minutes for it to dry.

2. Carefully use a cup or hand shovel to pour an appropriate amount of Crayola Play Sand into the vase at least 1/3 of the way. (The amount of play sand you use depends on the size of the vase and how many peeps you plan to use)! Make sure the sand is even along the edges.


3. Place the individual PEEPS side by side in the vase. Careful not to squish them :)


4. Continue adding PEEPS until the entire perimeter of the vase is covered. If your vase size allows, you can add however many rows you wish!


5. Grab your favorite silk flowers, cut the stem to an appropriate size of the vase with wire cutters and insert them into the styrofoam block one by one.


And now your beautiful Easter Bouquet is complete! :)


We hope you enjoy making this delightful colorful bouquet this springtime season!

Visit CrayolaColorSand.com for more amazing projects and DIYs!

*No PEEPS were harmed during this #DIY :)