Frequently Asked Questions

Arts & Creative Materials Institution (ACMI) Certified

  • Crayola Play Sand is independently tested at Duke University to ensure that our sand and color pigments are safe.

  • The non-toxic, acrylic, color dispersions are water-based, which is an environmentally friendly coloring process.

Virtually Dust-Free 100% Asbestos-Free

  • Unlike beach sand, our Play Sand is screened, washed and undergoes a dust collection process throughout production. Any potential residual dust is removed after washing and grading.


  • BioScience Laboratories allergen and irritation testing concluded none of the play sand components is considered a skin irritant or harmful if ingested. Each grain of sand has been screened and rounded to create a smooth, sugary, soft feel to resist abrasion.

Clean and Metal-Free

  • Absolutely no chemicals were used in washing the sand, only water. Unlike some sand companies, no anti-fungal materials are added to our sand. Before bagging, a rare earth magnet is used to remove any possible metal. To further ensure a safe, contaminant-free sand is delivered to you, a special screen is used to remove any possible foreign materials that may have affected the sand during transportation.

  • The washed and screened sand enters the coloring-coating process and passes through a continuous tube of pigment; a dryer heats the sand to 250°F, destroying any possible fungal or bio-material.


  • Our sand is designed to be submerged 100% in water without color fade or bleed.

  • We conduct hourly quality control tests for color removal and grade after the sand is coated.

  • UV protection is built into the dispersion to avoid color fade over time.


  • Green, blue, pink, and purple safe, colorful Play Sand is perfect for sandboxes, sandcastles, arts and crafts, fish bowls, terrariums, school projects, floral arrangements,and wedding decor.

Is Crayola Play Sand safe for pets?

Duke University has certified color pigments and bonding agents as nontoxic. We have not done official animal testing. 

Who is the manufacturer of Crayola Play Sand?

Crayola Play Sand is an official licensed product manufactured by Covia. For more information, please contact us:

Covia Corporation

300 Fremont Street

Ottawa, IL 61350

Customer Service: 800-255-7263