Mother's Day/Teachers Appreciation hand-crafted card for kids to make

Mothers_Day gift idea for kids

It's that time of year again- the time to show appreciation for moms, teachers, or anyone you want to tell "You're the best." One of the best ways to show appreciation is a handmade card. This CIY craft allows you to imagine whatever designs, patterns, and colors you want! We've included templates to help get you started in thanking your teacher or telling your mom what she means to you.


- Crayola Play Sand
- Paper (cardstock is best for this CIY craft)
- Printed template 
- Markers (for decoration)
- Colored Popsicle sticks (for decoration)
- Paint brushes
- Mod Podge glue or other craft glue
- Spoon

  1. Download and print the template you'd like to use

Stencils Collection - Free Download

2. Apply glue using paint brush

Teachers gift craft idea

3. Quickly sprinkle Crayola Play Sand over glue, one color at a time, making sure to allow time to dry between different colors

Mothers Day Craft for kids
teachers thank you card craft idea for kids

4. Repeat painting with glue and sprinkling sand, color by color, until the design is filled in

Mothers Day Craft ideas for kids
Teachers DIY homemade card

5. After the card is dry, fold if needed, and write a message using markers or decorate with colored Popsicle sticks 

Mothers Day gift ideas for kids
Teachers appreciation hand-crafted card for kids to make
Mothers day craft idea for kids
Thank you cards for kids to make with sand
Mothers Day Teachers craft ideas for kids