Crayola Play Sand is available in a variety of colors

Our highest-quality Play Sand has been washed and coated with safe, non-toxic, durable colors. Great for use in arts & crafts, sand tables, sandboxes, or where ever your imagination will take you.

Crayola Play Sand, Color Sand comes in  Blue, Purple, Green and pink. Perfect for kid's crafts, sandboxes, sandcastles, and arts and crafts.
Crayola Play Sand colored sand come in an array of colors such as green, pink, purple and blue.


  • Blue, 20 lb. bag

  • Purple, 20 lb. bag

  • Green, 20 lb. bag

  • Pink, 20 lb. bag





Working on a project? Use our Play Sand calculator to find out exactly how much sand you will need.

How wide is your sandbox? (feet)
How long is your sandbox? (feet)
How deep do you want your sand? (inches)

You will need 0 pounds of Crayola Play Sand which is approximately 0 bags of Crayola Play Sand